Mission & Vision

Teachers hold great respect in all the different parts of our society and their position is considered right next to the GOD. They are the persons who help us explore life from all the possible perspectives. From the very infant age, our teachers have great contribution in shaping up our lives with positivity and faith.

We, at Monalisa B.Ed College And Higher Education, believe in the same ideology and that’s the reason we provide the best training and education to all the individuals who join us with a dream of becoming a successful teacher in near future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread education to every part and remove ignorance from the human life. In order to help us doing so, we need teachers to spread that knowledge. Our sole mission is to provide teacher’s training to every student, coming from different parts and different walks of life, at reasonable fees but with maximum facilities.

We try to provide all sorts of facilities to them so that it becomes easier for them to pursue their dreams.

The prime objective is to provide the best quality training for Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary teachers to all students irrespective of their backgrounds. The courses are designed as per the norms of the affiliated board.

The duration of B.ED course is 2 academic year and D.EL.ED course is also of 2 academic years, where session starts from July and ends in June. Our teachers provide proper guidance to the trainee teachers by arranging elaborate lectures, Debates and Discussion.

Our Vision

With the globalization in the entire world, we have been able to destroy the barriers between countries and nations. The impact of such a change in huge on the human civilization. In order to embrace this change positively we need to spread the education to every level of our society. Who can do the job better than a skilled and wise teacher?

Our vision is to provide quality teachers education program. We provide teachers with professional competency and having value added characteristics. The teachershere get to use the advanced technology and software for betterment of their skill and knowledge. Moreover, with our advanced training, they also get familiar with the programs that are used in Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools.

At Monalisa B.Ed. College And Higher Education, both deputed and fresher’s are enlighten with new ideas, up-to-date knowledge, and skills of using modern technology in classroom teaching.